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Who is Rick Simpson ?

Rick Simpson is an activist who fights for the legalization of the use of cannabis for medical purposes in the United States. Rick Simpson has written many books that promote the use of marijuana and its medicinal benefits.

The latter, however, did not grow in the cannabis environment. He's a basic medical engineer. It all started when Rick Simpson was looking for a treatment that could relieve him or completely cure the syntoms left by an accident he had.
In his research he stumbles upon marijuana and tries to ask his doctor if he can use this herb to treat himself. Something that his doctor refused. That didn't stop him at all from continuing his research and experimenting with marijuana. This is how he started using marijuana products and this is how he was able to heal himself. After all this he began to take an interest in THC little by little. He eventually uncovers a lab test that states that THC is able to kill cancer cells in mice. Shortly after, he contracted skin cancer. He always uses marijuana for healing and ends up being successful.

This is how his fight begins, and becomes a kind of spokesperson for the cannabis industry. He begins to educate doctors, members of the US government, and the rest of the population about the benefits of cannabis. Rick Simpson decides to create a strain of marijuana himself and calls it "Rick Simpson Oil".

Can Rick Simpson Oil Treat Cancer ?

Rick Simpson Oil is an oil extracted from cannabis that has a high THC content. Rick Simpson Oil is full of medicinal virtues useful for treating certain diseases. Its promoter has tested this product himself to treat skin cancer. A few days later he noticed that the test was successful. This was proof that it has spread within the cannabis industry. Something that is not enough because doctors certified and qualified in the treatment of cancerous diseases, want proof coming from certified laboratories. Laboratory tests that were performed on mice have shown that the THC in cannabis can stop cancer cells from dissolving in the body.

Benefit of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil is recognized as a marijuana oil that can treat cancer. Rick Simpson Oil has medicinal benefits which can provide relief from other illnesses. No lab tests have confirmed the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil. Promoter Rick Simpson relies much more on the high level of THC to say that his product is able to provide relief:

  1. Arthritis
  2. The Depression
  3. Asthma
  4. The stress
  5. Insomnia
  6. high blood pressure
  7. Lack of appetite
  8. Nausea.

It is said that Rick Simpson Oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory. For the moment, the communoté of the doctors do not propagate the merits of this oil because no legal and certified laboratories published a study which justifies the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil.

Rick Simpson Oil Effects

Rick Simpson Oil beyond relieving certain diseases, it is also a product capable of inducing certain effects. Rick Simpson Oil is recognized for its very high THC level. This content makes the smoker high and gets him drunk quickly. It is strongly recommended that smokers do not use during the day while driving or working. Because the effects of Rick Simpson Oil can create damage to the brain. Some scientists claim that the effects of Rick Simpson Oil last only a few hours and are not harmful to health. We have done some research on its effects for you and here are a few that we list:

  1. Memory malfunction
  2. Anxiety
  3. Dizziness
  4. Paranoïa
  5. Panic attacks
  6. Sleeping troubles
  7. Dry and red eyes
  8. Hallucinations
  9. Low blood pressure

How to use Rick Simpson Oil ?

After purchasing a Rick Simpson Oil, people are still wondering how to use it. How to use Rick Simpson Oil is very easy when you get close to doctors. They are health professionals, and are in the best position to tell you how much Rick Simpson Oil you should consume. Usually they rely on your state of health, or they do an examination of your body to find out if a certain amount will not be harmful to your health. Even professional users go to doctors for information. It is not advisable to use any marijuana product for medicinal purposes without first consulting a qualified doctor. Rick Simpson himself advises users to consume a maximum of 60 grams in three months. Or 3 to 4 doses per day over an interval of 8 hours. This will allow the body to rest well and to gradually get used to the product.

How to make RSO OIL ?

Rick Simpson Oil is a very good quality cannabis product that is attracting a lot of consumer curiosity. How to make Rick Simpson Oil is the question that many Internet users ask themselves either before buying it or after consuming it. Rick Simpson answered this question while posting videos that explain the manufacturing process. The ingredients that are used to produce Rick Simpson Oil are as follows:

  1. Stamen
  2. Syringe
  3. 1 Lb of very well dried cannabis
  4. A large bucket, a large bowl and a wooden spoon
  5. You can use a rice cooker if you want.
  6. Make sure that the cannabis leaves you are going to have a very good THC quality. If it is of the wrong quality, THC will not be able to dissolve when the marijuana is mixed with a gallon of alcohol.
  7. After the THC is dissolved, you will put the solvent in a container. Make sure that this solvent is green in color.
  8. You are going to pour a little isopropyl alcohol into the bucket, and you mix it very gently. A few minutes later you pour it into a bowl. At this level you have already extracted all the cannabinoids and you can get rid of cannabis.
  9. Finally, you place the final product in a rice cooker programmed at 220 ° so that the solvent dissolves. A few minutes later, you open your rice cooker and observe your final product. To extract it you will use a seringle.
    When making this product at home, keep away from children, and wear protective gear.