White Fire OG Strain


THC: 20.5%
CBD: 1%
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White Fire OG

WiFi OG, WiFi, White Fire, WiFi Kush
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Calming Energizing

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White Fire OG Strain is a hybrid marijuana strain made from 60% Sativa and 40% Indica . White Fire OG Strain is also called White Fire or WiFi OG. It is a marijuana selected in California by OG Raskal Seeds. It is a team of several people who cultivate this plant with a lot of love and attention. This cannabis has flavors of peppery, diesel, and pine. Which gives it a slightly sweet tangy taste. It is an easy plant to grow. It will just take a lot of time until it blooms. It is also necessary to dry the product very well before putting it on the market. White Fire OG Strain contains 28% THC. It is a very potent herb that enthusiasts should avoid or never smoke. This is because of its effects.

White Fire OG Strain Genetic

White Fire OG Strain is a good combination between Fire OG and The White strains.

White Fire OG Strain Type of High

White Fire OG Strain is a weed that will make you happy and that will make you chat a lot too. White Fire OG Strain provides a good cerebral euphoric high. This weed increases your creativity by giving you a lot of inspiration. It is an herb that when you are asleep your muscles will relax and your body will be perfectly relaxed. White Fire OG Strain can relieve: Asthma, Nausea and Anxiety.



Relaxed 51%
Happy 59%
Euphoric 50%
Uplifted 51%
Creative 37%

Helps With

Stress 31%
Anxiety 27%
Depression 29%
Pain 25%
Fatigue 14%


Dry mouth 24%
Dry eyes 12%
Dizzy 3%
Paranoid 3%
Anaxious 5%