Zacks Pie Jungle Boys

Zacks Pie Jungle Boys

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THC: 29%
CBD: 1%

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Zacks Pie Jungle Boys of the Zacks pie strain is a heavy indica-dominant strain that blends the potency of Blue Zombie with the flavor and color of Cherry Pie. This combination yields blue and purple foliage that reeks of tart cherries and pungent skunky fuel. Zacks Pie Jungle Boys for sale online from Our Online Store.

Order Zacks Pie Jungleboys Online Buy Zacks Pie Jungleboys Online A jungleboys variety from Los Angeles Farmers, dubbed “Frosty Pie” by some, is a mix between Wedding Cake and Grape Pie Jungleboys strain. The buds are pale green in colour with dark purple tones throughout and are completely covered in ice trichomes. Order Zacks Pie Jungle boys Online from us, and get the best Zacks pie strain available online .

keeps a creamy flavour profile with sweet vanilla notes and sugary bread. The effects are strong, leaving you thoroughly relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep. The only thing that has changed in more than a decade of cannabis production is the facility in which we cultivate. Buy Zacks Pie Jungleboys Online at very reasonable price of the best quality..

The Jungle Boys have been producing clean, high-quality owner since the early 2000s as true-bred Los Angeles farmers, with current development into extracts and rosin. Buy Zacks Pie Strain Jungleboys Online from


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